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Oil pulling(coconut oil)

4 Mar

good day folks, I want to talk a little about oil pulling today and some of its benefits. I have been reading and watching videos on the benefits of oil pulling and the different oils people are using to do this technique.I chose coconut oil because it was inexpensive and I can buy it locally at many stores in my area. First coconut oil will stay solid below 76 degrees so it can also replace any petroleum products used on your skin, using for pulling in your mouth has multiple benefits like ;keeping your breath fresher, fighting plaque and pulling toxins from your mouth. I started doing this last week and have seen great results so far even getting rid of a forming abscess in two days from the oil pulling. You should do it 20 minutes per day with the most effective time being in the morning. My teeth are cleaner and smooth since starting this . I’m even starting to feel better since starting this, not as sluggish as I was before starting. I have also been looking at sesame seed oil which is lighter in texture to do this too but for now coconut oil is doing the trick. Stay tuned for a follow up on this topic.